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The Animal Rescue of Western North Carolina (TARWNC) is an IRS tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) public charitable organization. Donations are tax-deductible up to the maximum provided by tax laws. We strive to save all adoptable cats and dogs from euthanasia by pulling them from the overcrowded animal shelters of WNC. At TARWNC there are no egos and there is no competition. We only care about saving animals. We understand all groups must work together to save these pets! We want to serve as a hub for the animal welfare community. We believe through leadership, networking and resource development we will make great strides in the humane treatment of animals in Western North Carolina.  We also understand if we are to succeed, we need you and we need your help.

Mission Statement
Our mission is eliminating the needless euthanasia of 1,000's of adoptable cats and dogs entering the overcrowded and overburdened animal shelters of Western North Carolina every year.
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So what do we do?            How can you help?
  • We are developing a unique system (called PIC) to collect population, intake and census data (on a regional level) from all shelters located in the 23 counties comprising WNC. The submission procedures will be quick, easy and very simple to present via a single email.

  • Once collected, the data will be formulated into a straightforward and useful report called the PIC Report.

  • The PIC Report will be immediately shared with every group in WNC providing e a blueprint of population, intake and census data allowing us to  focus our efforts and our resources where they can be most effective.

  • County organizations are often not allowed to accept animals from outside of their boundaries. A county shelter may be full, euthanizing pets daily and no one is aware it.

  • We are not constrained by county lines, personnel policies or county budgets.

  • TARWNC is also a traditional animal rescue. Pets accepted by us will go  into a foster home. We now have ownership of the pet. This will free up kennel space and cages so the shelter can accept more intake without the need for euthanasia

  • We take complete responsibility for the pet (financial, medical, fostering him/her and finding him/her a forever home.) The pet will receive any needed medical care or treatment from our vet and be spayed or neutered.

  • Utilizing our contacts, network of weekly adoption events and other sources, attempts to find a permanent home will begin immediately. We will attend weekly adoption events at high visibility locations to give our pet’s maximum exposure to potential adopters. 

  • We will do everything in our power to reduce the overpopulation of cats and dogs by promoting the life savings importance and health benefits of spaying and neutering of pets.

  •  We will consult with, work with, help and assist any animal welfare group, public or private at no charge. We exist to save animal, period.

  • Our number one need is foster families. Please consider becoming a TARWNC foster parent, today! One of our core life saving beliefs is that every adoptable pet can be saved if enough qualifed foster homes are available.  We will provide you with the training to be successful. We will provide food, medicine and anything else you need to care for your foster family member.

  • Volunteer with us! There are many opportunities available. You can go to adoption events, teach one of our educational outreach programs, help with a spay/neuter program or write a column or article about TARWNC for your local paper.                                 

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          our volunteer application!  

  • Consider making a financial contribution to The Animal Rescue of WNC! No one likes asking for money, but it takes funds to save animals. We are a fully recognized IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Your donation is tax-deductible. We will use all contributions wisely. Donations  equal saved lives. It really is that simple. 

  • Keep in mind. Donations are not just money! We also need crates, portable kennels and carriers, towels and blankets, good dog and cat beds, collars, leashes, harnesses, food and water bowls, dog and cat toys, food and treats and most any other dog or cat item.
TARWNC team members are animal loving, compassionate and dedicated people. In order to make our community better for all of us, we have to change the way people view, treat and care for animals.
Do you feel this way? If so, we'd love to have you join us! 
 Tim Tipton                                        Julie Tipton                                  Payton Buchanan                                    Hunter Young       
  1. Tim Tipton
    Tim Tipton
    Tim Tipton is co-founder of The Animal Rescue of Western North Carolina. He serves as President & CEO of the corporation. TIm has an extensive background in animal welfare and care. He is know though-out WNC in the animal welfare and animal rescue communities. He has more than 15 years of management experience including 7 years as executive director of the Yancey Humane Society. Educationally, he holds a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Duke University, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from the Broyhill School of Management of Gardner-Webb University and attended graduate school at WCU working toward a Master's Degree in Business Administration.
  2. Julie Tipton
    Julie Tipton
    Julie Tipton is co-founder of The Animal Rescue of Western North Carolina. She serves as Secretary and Treasurer of the corporation. Julie is well know in the animal welfare community having saved 1,000 of animals during her 8 years at the Yancey Humane Society. During her time at YHS Julie served as kennel technician, kennel manager, spay/neuter program coordinator and adoptions event director. She was also a certified rabies vaccinator appointed by the Toe River Health District. In 2016 she joined the staff of the Canine Social Club of Asheville as a canine supervisor.
  3. Payton Buchanan
    Payton Buchanan
    Payton Buchanan serves as the Avery County Area Coordinator for The Animal Rescue of Western North Carolina. Payton is an ardent animal lover with years of experience rescuing animals. She has many contacts in the Mayland area and is excited to be a vital member of the TARWNC team.
  4. Hunter Young
    Hunter Young
    Hunter Young of Burnsville will serve as TARWNC Area Coordinator for Yancey County! Hunter has previous humane society experience and she is a strong advocate for animal welfare. She has numerous contacts throughout WNC and Eastern Tennessee.
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